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Bulletin 13.3.2016


Below is the most recent weekly Bulletin.  In these Bulletins, all manner of topics are covered, some of only passing relevance, some of a more general and lasting nature.  Excerpts with the latter are collected on the page "Info from A to Z", where topics are arranged alphabetically.




    It is the optimist who says "With all this manure piled up, there must be a pony in here somewhere".




Dear Folks,


Last week, a comment by Max Ross led one eternal optimist to submit a correction:


    "If you build a better mousetrap and don't have a marketing program, you will die alone and broke with a garage full of mousetraps."

                                                            --Max Ross


         ……AND a pile of dead mice, don’t forget the dead mice.


Yep, the power of positive thinking.  And sometimes we forget the positive thinking aspect when viewing our life here in Uruguay.  Sure, there is this and there is that, features that may be less than optimal, but there are so many other features that we appreciate, and that is why we are all here instead of somewhere else.  Sure, the bus fares have gone up, but for those who came here from economies that use the US dollar or the Euro, the bus fares are, probably, in US dollar or Euro terms, lower than they were upon arrival here, so there is a "dead mouse".  Sure, Dengue fever has arrived, but some come from countries where Dengue has been present for years, or West Nile Virus is rampant, so there is another "dead mouse".  Sure, there is concern about the drinking water, but the situation here is nothing like the one in Flint, Michigan, so there is yet another "dead mouse".  Sure, there are immigrants coming in, but not by the hundred thousands--hey, many of us are the immigrants, and we are anxious to help support this country, so yet another "dead mouse" is piling up.  


So it might be worthwhile to keep the "dead mice" in mind.  Don't forget the "dead mice" and look for the pony.


Other items for the week?


1.  Bed & Breakfast available--If you are looking for accommodations on the coast in peaceful surroundings, one of our number has a suggestion.  Her friend has a B&B in Balneario Las Flores in Maldonado, near Piriapolis.  She writes:  


A friend of mine, Belita, has a fully furnished Bed and Breakfast for rent--it sleeps up to 5 in 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, in balneario Las Flores, about one block from the beach.  It is a beautiful balneario, between hills and sea, where pleasant walks can taken and doors are not locked; it is very safe and the beach is only 2 blocks from her house.

It is ideal for its peaceful atmosphere and people and simply taking it easy, reading, lazing about, walks on the beach and watching beautiful sunsets.

The garden is fenced, and there are hens (no rooster) and a pheasant on the grounds.  All the appliances are new, and you can use the parillero, and the washing machine, as well as the DirectTV and the internet.  


She is a retired school teacher, and is now 2nd vice president of the American Association of Uruguay, so of course she speaks English.  Call her for more info or pictures or to make reservations at:  4432 1730 or cel: 099 858 095.


2.  Need an eye doctor?--Dr. Sebastian Laza is highly recommended.  He is an experienced professional, can have all manner of exams done in his office, and he speaks English.  His office is out by Portones Shopping on Bolivia 2246, and his office number is 2606 0505.  E-Mail:  centrooftcarrasco (at) hotmail.com.  The good news is that he is very good and has extremely reasonable prices; the less than good news is that lots of people know that, so waiting times can be long.  Still, it is worth the wait.


3.  Tourism Guide--Pasaporte Uruguay is a fact-filled guide put out by Gales Servicios Financieros, a company with many locations around Montevideo and Punta del Este.  They offer currency exchange, accounts, safe deposit boxes, and the buying and selling of precious metals.  The guide, in Spanish and English, has been published for several years, the Pasaporte 2015 being the most recent.  


It features all manner of useful information about Uruguay, its history, cuisine, and all the different departments, including, of course, Montevideo.  The maps are excellent.  If you have a chance to get a copy, it is much recommended.  


4.  The Gaucho Museum in Montevideo--The rain has arrived, fall is in the air, so it is time to find other things to do than go to the beach.  And if you haven't been to the Gaucho Museum on 18 de Julio, in the same building as the BROU bank, then it should definitely be on your list of things to do.  You may think you are not particularly interested in the gaucho heritage of Uruguay, but you might want to reconsider, because the house itself, built in 1896 as the Heber-Jackson residence palace, is indeed a palace.  Both the inside and the outside of the building is being restored, and restored beautifully, so just viewing the rooms is a delight.  It is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 (10 am to 4 pm).




5.  "The Time Has Come", the Walrus Said...--The Uruguay Info Exchange was founded when there was felt to be a need for it.  Now, since there are indications that that need no longer exists, the weekly get-togethers will no longer take place and the Bulletin will no appear.  They are both suspended until such time as the need for them may again develop. You can meet people at the other get-togethers that exist, such as the Language Exchange on the first and third Fridays of each month. If you would like to receive Bulletins at such time in the future as they may again appear, do let me know.  


Which winds it up for another week, and for now.


        Cheers,    Marita


P.S.  You can find a map of the location of our meeting place at La Papoñita.    Check out the "Info from A to Z" page on http://www.uruguayinfoexchange.de/Info-from-A-to-Z for an alphabetic listing of past Bulletin topics that were not time sensitive.  Also, don't forget the much bigger website at   www.explore-uruguay.com   that includes all manner of information on Uruguay.  


Map--Location of La Papoñita in Montevideo



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